A Little Bit About Myself

If you are here because of some of the online properties I have built, welcome. Thanks for checking those out.

I am the ‘American Standard’ of a father. 32 years of age, 3 boys, gorgeous wife, and work an 8AM to 4PM desk job.

My kids coined me Dadsquatch back in 2016 and it’s been a motivator from it’s origins. I used to be ‘Fat Cena’… so I’ll take this one and run with it. I live in a small town in Northeast, MI and do photography and web development in my spare time. I offer free business consulting if I feel you are in the stage where you need it. I spent 8 years at GoDaddy learning to code and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get on their feet. Use my contact page if you ever want to collaborate or need advice.

We live in a house too small for us. It’s rarely clean as it has a wide range of boys living in it. I moved into this house near Cedar Lake in Oscoda, MI after my dad had passed away and my mom was having issues selling it. I felt bad she had an extra mortgage and was growing to hate living in Arizona. There were zero real feels to seasons, nature wasn’t what I was used to growing up with, my career was stagnant, and the cost of living was crazy. To top things off, my life was turned upside down.

In 2016, my wife at 30 weeks pregnant suffered a Placental Abruption and almost died. Not saying ‘almost’ in a ‘hook the reader in’ kind of ways, but in a ‘almost’ she was bleeding out in front of me and fading in and out of consciousness. Right there on our bathroom floor in Arizona. The whole event was absolute insanity, scary, and traumatizing for everyone involved. It happened faster than anything I had experienced yet in life. Nothing has ever before or after, shown me that amount of adrenaline. The emotions that cycled through my body as I barreled through traffic behind an ambulance at very high speeds were out of this world.

I’ve always looked at those people who say that their kids motivate them as crazy. Not that kids can’t, but my first childbirth experience didn’t really give me that ‘umpf’. Everything went as planned it seemed. We had amazing doctors, staff, and a schedule that things seemed to have falling into. Go ahead and call me crazy, but after this one, I feel that motivation. My son gives me reason to push when times get tough. The strength to be a stronger person.

Maxton was born 10 weeks early, lungs were underdeveloped, weighed 4.5 lbs, and was heading straight towards his second battle of for his life. Just two weeks into being in the NICU he suffered NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis). No that’s not a kickass name of a metal band, it’s a medical condition where your intestines decide to die off and wither away. NEC is rampant in premature babies >= 10 weeks early our nurses told us. It makes up for a vast portion of expenditures in the NICU.

Doctors decided to put a PICC line through an artery in his head and down into his heart. They removed all sources food from his system and monitored him for a full two weeks on antibiotics. To rival everything my brain was telling me was going to go wrong, Maxton pulled through without requiring surgery.

During the 6 weeks we spent in and out of the hospital and the weeks after, I developed and battled a depression at levels that I have never felt before. My work gave me a total of 12 weeks off to go through all of this which incredible, but ultimately gave me even more time to sit and dwell on all the things that could become. This depression didn’t go away after my son came home and to this day still exists. At times it feels PTSD. Other days it feels like just anxiety. Never does it feel non-existent. No matter what type of day I am having, this kid helps me push through. Life is short and unpredictable. Cherish it.