I am 32 years old and live in small, but quite busy little town in Northeastern Michigan. I grew up here, moved away from here, and came right back here. This is home to me and I absolutely love being here. I am a software developer, idea man, and operations manager for a company up in Northern Michigan as well as run a few companies myself. Prior to moving back to Michigan, I worked at GoDaddy for almost 8 years. I was mainly used to pilot many of the teams that now exist within that company.

I piloted their hosting support phone teams, their online support (hosting) team (support tickets), online support (hosting) chat team, Mid-Market (hosting) team, and the Web Pro team. All these positions put me directly on the front-lines on consulting with businesses and fixing problems.

During my time at GoDaddy I would go home and practice what I preached to help me in the trenches during my time at work. I learned a slew of different scripting languages to help build dashboards at work and help me get in the shoes of the customers. Covering my bases in small business, lined me up for success in my roles, I was awarded Luminary Status during my time in the online support ticket/chat position.

Here is a list of what I have learned along my way:

Media (All mediums)

Visual / Graphic Design | Production & Manipulation – Over 10 years.
Adobe Dreamweaver • Illustrator • InDesign • Photoshop • Premiere

I can produce content (still/video) from the ground up. I have a range of camera gear for producing almost anything.
To name a few: product photography/video, portraiture, real estate, editorial, graphics/video for social media campaigns or ads, etc. The options are limitless. I have the lighting for all still production scenarios.

Web Design

Coding Languages – 10 years (2 years in Javascript)
HTML • CSS (Native and Bootstrap) • Javascript

Application Support: Good with most PHP/MSQL applications (very good) w/ WordPress.
Preferred Stack: MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS).

Hosting and Server Management – 10 years.
Experienced with working in CentOS environments. Very familiar with GoDaddy Hosting and all many different shared hosting environments. Both cPanel and Plesk as well as SSH.

Domain Name Management and Setup
Very familiar with DNS configuration and domain management.

Custom API Integrations
Have worked with setting up custom API communications for applications at work to communicate with Amazon MWS, PayPal, Trello, and Stripe.


Google Adsense / Analytics | Facebook / Google Ads | SEO – 8 years
Have been following best SEO practices and methods since 2009, tracking results within Google Analytics, and have worked with Google and Facebook ads on many different projects over the years.

Social Media Marketing | Instagram, Facebook, and some Twitter – 5 years
Have been working with Facebook and Instagram mainly as Graphic Design experience plays directly into them, but am familiar with OpenGraph details for both Twitter and Facebook to produce professional looking cards.

Project Management / Organization

Chat application | API Integration
Have used applications over the years like Skype, Discord, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and my favorite Slack.

Office 365 Suite | Migration
Familiar with using all applications provided in the Office 365 Bundle, user setup, as well as Exchange Control Panel. Recently worked with SkyKick to move a company with 10 IMAP users over to Microsoft Office 365. Am familiar with setup and use of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams in a corporate setting. 

Project Management Solutions
Very familiar with Trello and love their API. This is a free solution for many companies and I always recommend it.